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26.06.2018 (10:13) Как правильно фотографировать под водой?
  Для тех, кто давно мечтает о крутых снимках под водой, или уже делал ...

12.04.2018 (06:53) Виставка фестиваля фотоклубів
З 11 по 30 квітня 2018р. у Культурно-діловому центрі Запорізької АЕС відкрива...

23.01.2018 (21:11) Для чего нужна экшн-камера?
В последние годы, различные гаджеты, активно ворвались в нашу жизнь, смартфо...

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13.06.2017 (16:55) How to open photostudio and to use background music

The segment of photo studios on the market is not yet great, and the demand for photo sessions is quite large. Plus, buying a SLR camera is now at its peak, as is the number of people who want to try themselves as a photographer. Based on this, let's try to figure out what it takes to open a successful photo studio.

Standardly, the photostudio brings profit to the owner in three ways: professional photography of a full-time photographer in the studio and on the road, as well as renting a photographic studio and photographic equipment for rent. One of the key moments, especially for a large city, will be finding a room in a conveniently located building with parking. At the same time, a residential house is a poor option, since the ideal conditions for a photographic studio are ceilings from 3 to 3.5 m, with an area allocated for lighting equipment and photographing about 45-50 square meters. m.

The shooting area can be one, with a set of several backgrounds, or the room can be divided into several segments, decorated in different styles. Well, when in addition to lighting and photo equipment, the studio has a good musical setup with a set of quality background music - background music to create the right atmosphere. It is also desirable to have an administrator and, possibly, a make-up artist. By the way, for changing clothes and applying makeup it is necessary to provide a separate zone. Convenience, quality entourage and the general atmosphere in the studio will be of great importance for attracting both customers and photographers.

Finishing the premises will require some cost. The floor, ceiling and walls of the photo studio are most rationally painted in a single neutral color. But the scenery and photophones can already be quite diverse.

Specialists do not recommend purchasing the newest expensive equipment for photo studios, especially those created primarily for rental purposes. It is better to take reliable equipment with good performance from the middle price segment, which has already proven itself in the market. At the same time, it is worthwhile to turn to rulers with a wide range of accessories, in order to further expand the capabilities of the acquired cameras. The sources of light must be at least four, and their minimum power should be from 500 Joules.

An important stage in the beginning of the photostudio will be its promotion at specialized forums and in photographers' communities. This can be done by an administrator or a specially hired moderator of his own site or group in social networks.

Payback photostudio is about a year. Much depends on the cost of renting and the introduction of additional activities, for example, the training of young photographers studio photography, conducting seminars and master classes in photography.

Anna Sidorova

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